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Large Breed Pet Door 14.5 X 12" Opening With Weather-Proof Hard Plastic Flap.
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Large Breed Pet Door 14.5 X 12" Opening With Weather-Proof Hard Plastic Flap

Finding the right pet door is important, and there's a lot to consider. Of course, the size of your pet versus the size of the pet door is paramount, but have you considered what kind of winds the door's exterior experiences, or what kinds of creatures from your backyard might sneak in? Soft flap pet doors, flexible and safe, are a great choice for many pets and many houses, but with exposure to use and abuse from pets and weather alike, they tend to curl and lose their ability to create a seal. This offers plenty of opportunity for unexpected and unwanted guests like chilly breezes and woodland critters to enter through your pet door.

Large Breed Pet Door

Large pet Access door.

Large Breed Pet Door 14.5 X 12" Opening With Weather-Proof Hard Plastic Flap.


  • Give your dog or cat the freedom to come and go as they please! Then, slide in the locking piece to keep unwanted critters out
  • Keep your house warm & heating bills low: Weather-proof hard plastic flap with stiff bristles and gentle magnet closure creates a better seal than flexible flaps
  • The opening is approximately 14.5" tall and 12" wide, which is perfect for a variety of breeds up to 100 pounds: labradors, collies, retrievers, German shepherds, basset hounds and more.
  • Adjusts to fit your door: Suitable for both solid and hollow doors of various widths, just trim the included plastic lining to cover any gaps in hollow doors
  • Full assembly and installation instructions included; low maintenance and very easy to clean

Package Includes: Pet Door


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